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2018 JMM Art Exhibition - San Diego, CA

2018 is the 15th consecutive year that an exhibition of mathematical art has been held in conjunction with the Joint Mathematics Meetings. All of the exhibitions are chronicled online at the Bridges Conference website ( Robert Fathauer was the curator of the exhibition, and the exhibition website was prepared by Nathan Selikoff. The exhibition was juried by Robert Fathauer, Martin Levin, Vince Matsko, and Elizabeth Whiteley. The Mathematical Art Exhibition Awards for 2017, given to recognize works that demonstrate the beauty and elegance of mathematics expressed in a visual art form, were announced at last year’s meeting. “Fractal Monarchs,” by Doug Dunham and John Shier was awarded Best photograph, painting, or print; “Torus,” by Jiangmei Wu was awarded Best textile, sculpture, or other medium; and “AAABBB, two juxtapositions: Dots & Blossoms, Windmills & Pinwheels,” by Mary Klotz received Honorable Mention. This year’s winners will be selected at the meeting by a separate jury from the one that selected the artworks for the exhibition. Since this catalog was prepared in advance of the meeting, the winners are not identified here. The exhibition website referenced above will contain this information, though. This year’s exhibition includes the work of over 80 artists from around the world. In this catalog, the artists and their works are presented in alphabetical order, except for some small shifts to ensure that two artworks by the same artist are always presented on facing pages. We would like to thank the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America for providing exhibition space, furnishings, and logistical support. We would especially like to thank Christine Davis, Penny Peña and Annette Emerson at the American Mathematical Society for their efforts in connection with the exhibition and awards. We would also like to thank SIGMAA-ARTS for financial support toward the printing of this catalog. Finally, we would like to thank the artists, whose creative vision and effort continue to make these exhibitions a valuable addition to the Joint Mathematics Meetings. Robert Fathauer Nathan Selikof

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